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Concert with the tone of the Venus

Sa. 08. August 2009, KulturRaum wichmannHalle,
Sophienstr.40, 38118 Braunschweig, Germany
Entrance: 7 pm / Start: 8 pm


In Paracelsus's opinion, too few look up to the starry skies,

"...from which an incessant stream of enlightenment is flowing which is leading mankind to new sciences and new arts.
Music, for example, comes from the planet Venus.
If all musicians would open themselves to the influence of her light, they would create a more beautiful, more heavenly music than the hitherto existing."

Quotation: Hans Cousto "Relating sound to color and the cosmic octave" 1979

The Mandala of Venus

The sidereal period of Venus has a duration of about 0,615 tropical years, that is more or less the Golden Ratio of the year of Earth.
Therefore Sun - Venus conjunctions (as seen from the planet Earth) take place fairly precisely in pentagon points at the ecliptic. This Cycle is repeated every 8 years, when the points have shift about 1,5 degree.
The Sun - Venus conjunction which takes place after 8 years at almost the same point is of the same kind, which means,it is either an upper (Venus behind the Sun) or a lower (Venus between Sun and Earth) conjunction.
After every 4 years a conjunction of the opposite type takes place at the same location: after an upper one a lower one, and vice versa.
Within 8 years Venus forms a five-leaved lotus at the sky.
Sometimes Venus can be seen as the morning star and sometimes as the evening star depends on the type of the previous conjunction: after a lower conjunction, Venus can be seen as the morning star, after an upper conjunction as the evening star.

Quotation: Hans Cousto "Relating sound to color and the cosmic octave" 1979
Grafik aus "Rhythmen der Sterne" von J. Schulz.

The Artists

Christine Brelowski

Christine Brelowski

studied music in netherland and belgium with a major in Viola da Gamba and recorder. She attended courses by Wieland Kuijken (Brussel) and Pedro Memelsdorf (Bologna). Beside specializing in baroque style music she also concentrated on 15./16. Century performances and contemporary music. She gave international concerts with the dutch ensemble "The spirit of Gambo". Performances with this ensemble were also recorded She is famous as a member of Trio Dulce performing music of the 20./21. century. The composer John Cage wrote "Three" for her, which was one of his last pieces. In 2007 this piece and an earlier creation were released on CD. Beside her freelance work Christine Brelowski is teaching both instruments at City Music School in Braunschweig since 2000.


Akasha Project

Akasha Project

Barnim A. Schultze aka Akasha Project, born in 1963, dedicated to electric sounds/tones and rhythms and their effects on our consciousness since the mid 80's. Since 1992 freelance work as a composer, musician and producer in the domain of electronic music. Diverse performances as Electronic Live Act in galleries, museums, clubs, festivals and parties etc. Since 1996 in collaboration with Hans Cousto. Since 1998 diverse publications with different record labels. 2001 Cofounder of the frequency research collective B.E.L (Brain Entertainment Laboratory). Multiple live concerts performing planetary and molecularly tones/sounds with a range from ambient to trancefloor in collaboration with (B. Ashra, Tommelon, Ricky Deadking aka Eru, Akasha Project) or solo performance as Akasha Project. Also workshops and lectures about the "cosmic octave" in collaboration with Hans Cousto.


The Location

KulturRaum wichmannHalle

KulturRaum wichmannHalle

The Venus Concert will be in a artfully renovated Industrial Hall on August 8th 2009 called Wichmann Halle, Braunschweig, Sophienstrasse 40, Germany. The exclusive ambience provides ideal conditions for our project.

For this evening the Wichmann Hall turns into a gaianic temple of muses.

The unique atmosphere of this venue as well as comfortable seats, delicious organic Food and wine and so forth will contribute to make VENUS an extraordinary experience.


Tickets available online at regiotic.de
Musikalienhandlung Bartels,
Schlosspassage 1, 38100 Braunschweig, Phone 0531 - 4 94 91.
for 14.- € / 10.- €( includes advanced booking fee).

Or order by email at: info@wichmann-halle.de ( Subject: " Venus-Kartenverkauf")
for 14,- € ( includes advanced booking fee)
Or at the Box Office which will be open at 7 pm. single ticket price 18.- €.

Venus 08.08.2009
KulturRaum wichmannHalle, Sophienstraße 40, 38118 Braunschweig, Germany.
Entrance: 7 pm / Start: 8 pm
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