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Molecular Ambience


The original basis for the term ‘Klangwirkstoff’ came about during the mid-nineties and the molecular tunings of the molecule MDMA.

This was followed by Delta-9 THC (B.E.L. – The Sound of THC) and LSD-25 (premiered in January, 2006 during the 100th. birthday celebration of Albert Hofmann in Basel, Switzerland).

The main reason for this work was to investigate, if the octave analogous sounds of psychedelic substances have a similar effect to the human mind. This was compared with the drug-checking campaigns of Eve + Rave.

The effect of acoustic vibrations with its emotional consequences is based on the phenomena of resonances, and this moves against the key-lock principle of chemical materials and substances. Further, there is a variable: how the person is listening and submit to these sound experiences.

It is important to point out that under no circumstances is the consumption of illegal-psychedelic substances being promoted here.

It may be possible in the near future to create spaces with sound and color based on molecular-analogue tones which surpass the intake of psychedelic substances and their dangerous side effects but the music will be a guide to harmonical changes of sound perception.

The methods and techniques of composing molecular sounds function on the same principle as Hydrogen.

Performance duration: 1.5 hours