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Marks of Being
  1963   Arrival on Planet Earth
Akasha Project
  1989   First Concerts as Akasha Project
  Since 1994   Freelance composer and musican of electronic music.
Many live gigs as an electronic live act in gallerys,on festivals, partys, clubs etc.
  1995   Hans Cousto and Akasha Project meet for the first time Akasha receives frequency calculations for the MDMA molecule and produces cosmic tuned concerts with SCI - ROM and Orbital Dolphins
Hans Cousto
  1997   Concert with the sound of MDMA with Hans Cousto – Aquarius Festival Hamburg.  
  1998   Release of the first CD "Akasha Project - MDMA Tuning"
Label: High Society
  Since 1998   Several performance as Akasha Project, together with Hans Cousto as lecture and concert.  
Akasha Project on Stage
  1999   Double CD "Akasha Project - Scent of Life"
Label: High Society
  2000   Co-founder of the collective for the science of frequencies and Brain Entertainment Laboratory (B.E.L.). B.E.L. are B.Ashra, Tommelon, Ricky Deadking (Eru) and Akasha Project
  2000   CD "Akasha Project - Always"
Label: Insolation
  2002   CD "Akasha Project - Cosmic Ambient Garden"
Label: Insolation Chilling
CD "Brain Entertainment Laboratory - The Sound of THC"
Label: Insolation Chilling
CD The Sound of THC
  2003   3 CDs about the harmonical concertpitches of the Earth.
"Akasha Project - Emerald Earthwave" - Earthly year.
"Akasha Project - Vermillion Daystream" - Earthly day.
"Akasha Project - Purple Mind" - Platonic year
Label: Planetware Records
  2005   premiere of the sound of Hydrogen and lecture with Hans Cousto – at transit station Berlin 2005, exhibition as event
  2005   CD "Akasha Project - Cosmic Colors"
Label: Planetware Records
Albert Hofmann
  2006   Premiere of the sound of LSD-25 molecule on the occasion of Albert Hofmann's 100th birthday at the Congress Centre Basel, Switzerland
  2007   Re-release CD "Akasha Project - Cosmic Ambient Garden".
Label: Planetware Records
  2008   Finalist of the Art contest "Art of Engineering", Ferchau Engineering.  
  2009   SADJA Project.  
  2010   CD "Akasha Project - H2 The Quantum Music of Hydrogen"
Label: Klangwirkstoff Records
CD The Sound of THC
  2012   CD "Akasha Project - Solar System"
Label: Klangwirkstoff Records
CD The Sound of THC
  2013   Nominated for the Schallwelle Award for electronic music  
  2014   Akasha Project at Bandcamp
Akasha Project
  2016   Akasha Project Spheres
Akasha Project Spheres
  2021   Turnschuh: A new Project for the Dancefloor
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Akasha Project Spheres
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