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Welcome to the cosmic sound world of the Akasha Project


Sound bathing with the harmonical concert pitch and pure diatonic intervals

Each tone of the planet, each molecular sound triggers a specific matrix of resonances in the brain thus producing a certain tuning.
Through the enhancement of particular tones, the rows of overtones and the choice of a specific tuning from a musical style becomes the effect of amplifying each frequency.


Sound bathing with the Akasha Project is possible with the following constellations:


1.  Akasha Project - 'Cosmic Lecture'

I will be giving a lecture with sound samples, explaining the cosmic octave and the origin of planetary sounds and molecular music.

2.  Akasha Project - 'Live in Concert'


With the support of electronic sound production and on the basis of the planetary 'concert pitch' and the molecular 'concert pitch' an improvised sound environment is being created which pronounces a meditative mood but also moves rhythmically through a listening audience in resonance of the fundamental frequencies of a reality.


There is a possibility to extend this performance with other musicians who are familiar with the cosmic octave.


'Cosmic-musical' collaborations are also performed with Christine Brelowski / Viola da Gamba - Guitarplayer Eru (Ricky Deadking), with the sound artist and musician B. Ashra from Berlin, with the gong virtuoso Jens Zygar and /or with the electronic master Steve Schroyder.


Electronic concerts become a holistic, synergetic experience through projected graphic work and film projections.

'Optical (multi-media) – musical' collaborations can be performed with the video-artist and VJ Peter Beyer (Pixelrausch) and the Lightriders VJ-Team.


3.  Hans Cousto and Akasha Project


The Swiss mathematician, philosopher and music scientist Hans Cousto explains with charm and wit the vibration phenomenon of the macro and micro cosmos.
Based on the holistic integration of mankind in the Universe, Hans Cousto discusses the formula of the octave based on his calculations of the harmonical concert pitch which have proven to be meditative tones used successfully in various cultures.
In the analogy to the Glass Bead Game, by Hermann Hesse, Hans Cousto is presenting together with Akasha Project a unique mix of lecture and concert.
Content and sensory sound performance go hand in hand and create a totality in presentation of information.


4.  Brain Entertainment Laboratory (B.E.L.)


Brain Entertainment Laboratory are B.Ashra (Electronics), Tommelon (Electronics/E-Guitar), Eru (Ricky Deadking - E-bow Guitar) and Akasha Project (Electronics) . B.E.L. became known for their first publication of the tunings of Delta 9 –THC Molecule based on scientific measurements:
B.E.L. 'The Sound of THC' - Insolation Chilling.
Since then, there were several live concerts in clubs or festivals in European countries:
4 musicians – 8 meter electronic cable - electric guitar.
On the basis of molecular sound/rhythmic structures, they have experienced and discovered tonal connections which have been interpreted through the contemporary means of electronic sound production. This is how timeless improvisations opened higher –dimensional spaces through bizarre sound-compilations which touch upon the frontiers of reality
The stage is the laboratory – we all are scientific probates/test subjects.


5.  Mel Trom


Minimal techno set for festivals, clubs and parties.
Electronic, shamanistic dance music in the rhythm of the earth year.