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Cosmic Octave

The cosmic octave is based on the so-called formula of the 'octavation process', which was developed in 1978 by Hans Cousto the Swiss Mathematician and Music Theorist.

The natural law of the equivalence of octaves is fundamental and it means that tones within a distance of the octave have an identical, partial row of tones and have the same overtones with the help of the 'octavation process'. It is possible to calculate an octave-analogue sound to every re-occurring vibration.

Spectral analysis or the astronomical orbits and rotation courses deliver all data, which is necessary to calculate and to transpose sounds for the perception of human hearing.

The calculated frequency and the values of speed (beats per minute) are being translated with the electronic sound producer into meditative and rhythmical sound combinations.

This creates 'Klangwirkstoff' which functions as a sort of map. Like on a city map, it allows orientation in what appears to be a maze. A sense of orientation within the sense of 'self' which allows for listening to the harmonical concert pitch or 'Urtöne'.