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Earthyear Meditation


The earth year is being transposed and will be audible at the interval of C minor with 136,10 Hz in the 32nd. octave which is adequate to 365,25636042 days of the earth traveling around the sun.

These Sound meditations develop a strong feeling of relaxation quite opposite to the normal tunings of a lower C minor (i.e. instead of A 440 Hz there is A with 432,10 Hz).

This frequency (136,10 Hz) is equivalent to the frequency of Natrium/Kalium-ATPase exchange in our body cells.

In many cultures this tone is used in connection with sacred rituals.

In India this tone is called, ‘Sadja – Father of Others’, the Sitar and Tambura is tuned accordingly.

In Sufism this called: ‘ the one who knows the secret of this tone, knows the mystery of the universe.’ (Hazrat Inayat Khan – Music – Geneva 1959).

The Om in Buddhism in Tibet is based on the same C minor.

Apart from the earth year tone there are two other frequencies connected to our planet.
One is the earth day ( 24 hours – G with 194,18 Hz) and the platonic year, which is the precession of the earth axis (approximately 25920 years – F with 172,06 Hz). It is possible to create sound meditation analog to the earth year with these tones.

The earth year meditation lasts between 30 minutes and many hours dependent upon the concert type and the possibility of an independent sound installation.
The earth year meditation is a spherical-floating, blue-green sound field which communicates a feeling of accepting the things as they are.