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The hydrogen atom is the number one element of the universe.

According to the spectrum of Hydrogen modern physics found the structure of matter.

The spectrum of hydrogen atom is measured in H2 hydrogen gas and contains 20 frequencies and rhythmic speeds which is divided into 5 series extended with its maximum values.

These series were named after their founders:
Lyman series (Ultra violet – 6 Tones),
Balmer series (visible – 5 Tones),
Paschen series (Infrared – 4 Tones),
Brackett series (Infrared – 3 Tones),
Pfund series (infrared – 2 Tones).

Lyman, Balmer and Brackett have established the maximum value with the Rydbergconstant (186,90 Hz i.e.. 373,81 Hz with 87,6 bpm).

Paschen and Pfund have their own maximum values.

The calculations by Hans Cousto for the Hydrogen frequencies with its precise tuning keys can be found at www.planetware.de ( free PDF download.).

Every tone is played according to a cyclic occurrence within the sound work of Hydrogen and has its own tonal frequency and speed.

Analogue to the jumps of electrons a sound image is being created which is in constant flux.

In part, these musical structures sound familiar and at the same time appear strange to the conventional ear; they come and go but mainly they introduce a feeling of a fundamental reality - quantum music -.

diving time: 45 minutes