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Akasha Project Live

A series of improvised sound spaces are being created with the aid of electronically produced sound on the basis of the planetary and molecular concert pitches and their partial tones. They are in part meditative, floating as well as full of rhythm, which move the audience in resonance with fundamental and realistic frequencies.
There is a collective vibration by listening to the quantum music of Hydrogen, the basic archaic sounds of the planets of our sun system or the archaic sounds of the earth. This makes it possible to accept one’s sense of ‘self’ to become part of the universe, which is surrounding us.


Brain Entertainment Laboratory (B. E. L.) Live

B.E.L. became known in 2002 with its publication based on its scientific calculation and tuning of the Delta 9-THC molecule.
B.E.L. 'The Sound of THC' - Insolation Chilling
They have had several Live Concerts since then in Clubs and during festivals with their
four musicians – eight meter of electronics – two electric guitars.
On the basis of molecular sound- and rhythmic structures new tonal relations are being discovered, interpreted and presented to an audience. This is how timeless improvisations meet with the limits of ‘reality’ in bizarre and beautiful fields of sounds. They are the gateways to spaces of higher dimensions.
The stage is the laboratory and we all are the test persons.


Hans Cousto and Akasha Project Live

The Mathematician, Philosopher and Scientist of Music, Hans Cousto who lives and works in Berlin presents the macro and micro cosmos with wit and charm to a live audience.
His starting point is the holistic position, which the human being takes within the Universe and he explains the Octave Formular by calculating the harmonical concert pitch, which derives from astronomical facts. These tones have been proven by many different cultures as being a meditative experience.
With an analogy to the 'Glassbead Game' by Hermann Hesse, Hans Cousto and Akasha Project are presenting a unique confluence of live lecture and concert.
The content and the musical performance are in exchange and therefore deliver an integral way of communicating information.


Moving with the Groovebox through the Universe

Akasha Project presents a live programme – with the groovebox through the Universe – or with Om of the earth year tuning into meditation – or abstract in the music of quantum physics like the Hydrogen tunings or removed in LSD or the down beats of the sounds of the planets or with techno in the tuning of the sun or pure tunings of sound essences causing an optimal setting.


The sounds of Hydrogen

Barnim Schultze aka Akasha Project plays live the octave analogue Sounds of Hydrogen. The spectral frequencies which were calculated in the laboratory have been made audible through the process of ‘octavation’ and thus provides a sensual experience of molecular relationships. The meditative engagement with these sound spaces trigger a feeling which holds the world together at its very core.